Organization on  another level

Organization on  another level

On occasion, the topic is discussed of exactly how long it takes to plug in your EV. Though, no standard exists, the norm generally lies somewhere between 5-15 seconds x 2 for plugging and unplugging.

There are a number of inexpensive accessories that will make your plug in simpler and improve your plug in time.  The EVSE holster pictured on the right is a great way to store your plug handle with easy access. This accessory from ClipperCreek is $19. and well worth the purchase.

For myself, I did not need the ability to store the cable and I did not need protection from the elements in that it was a garage installation. I felt like there was a faster-simpler way to accomplish the task. My solution was to pick up a $14 radial holder from Home Depot to shorten the process by a second or two.

I strapped on the Hero camera to give a rough look at what a total  six second plug and unplug looks like. It happens so fluid  and so fast, it was hard to film. It is a rough image with more time spent focusing on looking directly at the plug in port and then quickly to the wall mount, but you quickly get the idea that this process can be fast.

So our question to you is, how long do you spend at the plug? Are there other simple adaptations out there that make this process more fluid? Please feel free to leave us a post and/or and image of your solution.

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