MyNews 4 is reporting that work on the Tesla Gigafactory is actually ahead of schedule:

"High winds blasted through the region halting heavy construction yesterday and today. The mix of dust, low visibility and heavy machinery was not a good combination. Developer Lance Gilman said, "We're clocking winds out here measuring 70-to-80 miles an hour. Anywhere else in the country that would be called a hurricane and everybody would stay home from work. You know, we're all still just out here doing our thing."

"Despite the wind, a Tesla spokesperson said construction is ahead of schedule. Gilman said that doesn't surprise him. He added, "They're all hands in the cook, if you don't mind me using an old rodeo term. I mean they are very, very busy. I think there are 250 steelworkers alone here right now."

It's not often that a construction project is ahead of schedule.  Furthermore, Tesla is apparently at the stage in which it doesn't want visitors due to proprietary equipment/components now being on site:

"Gilman said Tesla was allowing him to bring his prospects on a tour of the facility but not anymore. Gilman said, "They don't want visitors. They pretty much put everyone in the company, their subcontractors, all of us in the county, on notice. They do not want visitors." He added the facility contains proprietary components Tesla does not want anyone to see up close."

More secrecy from Tesla, which includes the removal of that Gigafactory video we posted last week.

Source: MyNews4

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