Several DC charging types (without Tesla)

Several DC charging types (without Tesla)

The Electric Vehicle Institute released the infographic "Plug-In Around the EV World" that combines a map with the most common household outlets in different countries, along with a separate description of EV charging plugs that can be spotted in most places.

The first part is interesting because it shows us that there never was a standard around the world. Moreover, the map indicates just some of the electric outlets, as there are more variants in every country and also 3-phase versions (all potentially can be present in different variants and at different power levels).

The EV plugs part is missing China plugs and indicates that the Tesla connector in Europe is similar to Type 2. The descriptions itself seems outdated as CHAdeMO already can be 100 kW (not 60 kW), European 3-phase Type 2 reaches 43 kW (instead of 22 kW) and the Tesla connector can handle 120/135 kW (not 48 kW).

With some few tweaks, this infographic could be very useful for less-oriented customers to see what to expect or to scare them at least before buying.

For better text quality see the original Plug-In Around the EV World in pdf.

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