TOP 10 BEVs in Europe in 2014 (Source: <a href=Avere-France)" draggable="false">

TOP 10 BEVs in Europe in 2014 (Source: Avere-France)

Here is the as-promised second part with the best selling all-electric cars in Europe in 2014, according to Avere-France.

We already saw the results for a few models provided earlier by Nissan, but this breakdown has more models and a niftycolor chart.

Among the 65,199 passenger and light delivery electric cars, the clear leader is the Nissan LEAF with 14,385 registrations (Nissan indicates a few hundred more were registerted, but Nissan's date probably includes a few more countries - 18 in the case of Avere-France).

The second best is Renault ZOE with 10,980. And those two models alone captured over 23,000 or 39% of the electric car market in Europe in 2014.

Third is Tesla Model S with 8,744, while the all-electric BMW i3 is fourth with 5,628, just ahead of 5,170 for Volkswagen e-up!

Next we have another Renault - 4,158 for Kangoo Z.E, which again reminds us of which manufacturing group leads the way in electric car sales.

Volkswagen e-Golf with 3,368 was able to overtake electric smart at 3,082.

Nissan e-NV200 had 1,770 and Bollore Bluecar with 1,170 ends the chart, although there are some 6,744 additional registrations of other models that are low volume.

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