BYD Qin plug-in hybrid car, soon joined by Tang, was the best selling electric car in China last year.

A total of 14,747 were sold in China in 2014, according to EV Sales Blog, out of some 74,763 New Energy Vehicles (a big part of that total figure are small neighborhood EVs).

Compared to almost 19,000 Chevrolet Volts sold in the US, this is a significant result for Qin.

In December, sales of BYD Qin hit a record high 1,819.

Almost a constant rate of sales in the last couple of month seems like a production ceiling may have been hit. We will find out if this is true this year.

Even more interesting is that the older all-electric e6 surged to 1,128 sold in December, instead of the typical 200+! Total e6 sales stand at some 3,560.

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