SolidEnergy cells comparision

SolidEnergy cells comparision

SolidEnergy is moving foward with development of next generation batteries, which will store more energy.

Next year, the MIT spin-off targets production of 2 Ah cells for the smartphone and wearable market.

But the most important date is 2017, when SolidEnergy expects to deliver 20 Ah cells that will be good for electric cars, giving them twice the range compared to today's lithium-ion batteries.

The secret of SolidEnergy is in the new solid electrolyte - Solid Polymer Ionic Liquid (SPIL) and ultra-thin lithium metal anode.

For now, the only number that we saw is 1337 Wh/L, which indicates that the battery will be smaller in size. No word on Wh/kg to determine the weight of the pack or price, but it looks like we'll find all that out in less than two years.

Source: Green Car Congress

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