YouTuber MikesCarInfo checks out the Tesla Model S P85D (Dual-Motor AWD), the latest from Tesla Motors.

If you are seeking a very thorough walk-around of a Tesla Model S, along with a look at the latest features, then this video is a must watch.

This is a perfect opportunity to learn what the Model S has to offer… and to check out that insane (literally) acceleration the P85D has to offer!

The car in this video did not quite hit 60 mph. However, during the shorter acceleration test, you can not blink or you will miss how quickly the speed climbs.

You can check out some additional photos and miscellaneous video clips of the Model S towards the end of this 37-minute video.

It has been stated that EVs are bloated golf carts that are slow, and will not be feasible for everyday use. Looks like the Model S makes those skeptics look foolish!

The Dual-Motor AWD layout.

The Dual-Motor AWD layout.

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