Mini Rocketman Concept

Mini Rocketman Concept

According to Automotive News, BMW & Toyota appear to be expanding their cooperation partnership to possibly include a pair of pint-sized electric cars.

"BMW Group and Toyota Motor Corp. may expand their cooperation to include the joint development of a new addition to BMW's Mini range, a German auto magazine reported."

"BMW is considering an entry-level car for Mini that would be called the Mini Minor, Autobild said. Toyota could launch its own version of the model, which may be badged as the Starlet, the report said."

Mini claims that the report is "mere speculation" at this point in time and that may well be the truth.  However, Mini didn't deny the report.

Of interest to us plug-in electric car fans is this statement in the report:

"BMW is expected to add an electric version of the Mini Minor after the first conventionally powered models arrive in 2018 or 2019, the report said."

The more the merrier, right?

Source: Automotive News

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