BlueIndy Bluecar in Indianapolis

BlueIndy Bluecar in Indianapolis

French billionaire Vincent Bollore recently stated that beside development of two car sharing projects in 2015 - in Indianapolis (BlueIndy) and another one in London, two more locations are in the pipeline for 2016.

Those two additional project will be Singapore and Los Angeles!

Of course, we have to note that in Indianapolis, the car sharing plan has been reported to have hit a logistical snag while "waiting of approval from the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission” to put in place a temporary rike hike to subsidize the project. - details.

Up to date, Bollore launched three EV rental services in France - Autolib in Paris (70 municipalities), which is largest in the world with some 3,000 cars, BlueLy in Lyon and Bluecub in Bordeaux.

All rentals are using the same all-electric Bluecars, which by the way are equipped with batteries manufactured by one of companies from the Bollore Group. Range stands at 150 miles in the city.

In Paris, Autolib already has over three years of service and currently nearly 70,000 customers have a subscription.

According to Vincent Bollore, soon (this year) costs will be balanced by revenues in Paris, which will be achieved at 80,000-82,000 subscribers (we believe subscription for one year):

“There is a big demand because of pollution, which is a very important matter everywhere in the world. You can’t solve the problem with a very expensive car. What we’ve developed is a very robust and very cheap battery and car, which we have been demonstrating in Paris over four years now.”

On the West Coast, Bollore would like to introduce a convertible called BlueSummer.

Source: Indianapolis Business Journal

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