Top Portion Of Rebate Form

Top Portion Of Rebate Form

Georgia Power Rebate For Residential EVSEs

Georgia Power Rebate For Residential EVSEs

Georgia Power is the primary, regulated power utility for the state of Georgia.

Last week, Georgia Power launched an EVSE rebate program.  Here's the utility's general EV page:

In the "For Your Home" section, there are now new links for the rebate program (direct links to the PDFs posted below).

Highlights from the website and documents:

Georgia Power residential customers may qualify for a $250 rebate for each new residential charger purchased and installed. Eligibility requirements:

- Must be a Georgia Power customer - 208/240-volt Level 2 charger - Must have a dedicated 40 Amp circuit (but see note below) - Must be new EVSE (not used, refurbished, rented, etc.) - Single-family homes - Third-party vendors or EV charging businesses not eligible

Rebates available for installations completed between January 1, 2015, and December 31, 2015.

Friend of InsideEVs, Chris Campbell, provides us with these additional details/notes:

It's worth noting that NOT all Georgia residents get their power from Georgia Power.  Many regions, especially exurban or rural, are served by an "EMC", which is a more local entity that basically resells the Georgia Power energy.  This rebate program only applies to direct customers of Georgia Power, not EMC customers.

One question that has already come up is that of the "40 Amp" requirement.  That was causing some confusion, because some have wondered if they could install 40 Amp circuit, but then use a smaller EVSE on that circuit (like the Clipper Creek LCS-25), and still qualify for the $250 rebate.  We asked, and have been told that they are removing the 40 Amp requirement, keeping just the "dedicated" language, although the official forms online don't reflect that change yet.

Somewhat unrelated to the EVSE rebate, Georgia Power is now also offering a $100 rebate to home builders who equip new houses with a NEMA 14-50 outlet.*

*Editor's Note: Our thanks to Chris Campbell for providing us with the vast majority of details/content for this article.  Chris' website is the go-to place for Georgia/Atlanta-specific info on electric cars.

And here are those PDF links:

The "consumer flyer":

The "Terms and Conditions":

The rebate form:

The "builder flyer":

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