Woman's Car? Tesla Model X Concept

Woman's Car? Tesla Model X Concept

Man's Car? Tesla Model S

Man's Car? Tesla Model S

If the Tesla Model S is a man's car, then the Model X should be considered a woman's car.

"When Tesla Motors' long-delayed Model X -- designed to blend the best of a sport utility vehicle with the benefits of a minivan -- starts deliveries to customers in late 2015, Tesla will gain entry to two critical and overlapping markets for the auto industry: SUV buyers and women."

"Tesla does not release demographic information about its customers, but ownership of its all-electric Model S sedan skews decidedly male. In 2013, men accounted for 85.8 percent of Model S registrations, according to IHS Automotive, which tracks new vehicle registrations by gender."

"At Tesla's shareholder's meeting in June, a woman advised CEO Elon Musk to make the vehicles "a little bit more women-favored."

"That's a good point," said Musk. "We're certainly paying more attention to the needs of women in the Model X, and I think you're right, we probably got a little too guy-centric on the S. So, we're hoping to correct that with the X."

Reports San Jose Mercury News.

Why's the Model X considered a woman's car?  Well, it mostly comes down to its minivan-like seating capacity, which allows the Model X to be a kid-hauler.  Additionally, a large percentage of SUV buyers are women:

Renee Stephens, vice president of automotive research at JD Power and Associates, noted "female buyers make up roughly 39 percent of the market for new cars, but 44 percent of the SUV market."

There's this too, as reported by San Jose Mercury News:

"To make sure the design team was on the right track with the Model X, Tesla invited a dozen Palo Alto-area women to its headquarters for a freewheeling, three-hour focus group led by Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla's chief designer."

While we don't consider the Model X to be strictly a woman's car, it's clear that it's geared more towards female buyers than the Model S and that's a plus for Tesla since it opens the automaker to a new set of potential bueyrs.

Source: Mercury News

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