Been waiting for that photographic proof the Tesla Model X is on its way and will finally be arriving this summer?

A video and a picture of the upcoming Tesla Model X out testing have finally surfaced, and it is no slouch on the open track either!

Instagram user Brandon Kiehne posted this image of a camouflage Tesla being loaded up at the Alameda air field this week, and while the user describes this as potentially being the Model's clearly the Model X given the lines of the vehicle that we are already very familiar with on the prototype.  (and the fact the Model 3 still exists only on paper)

"I believe this is the first photo of the #Tesla #model3. The only other photos are from that Telsa claims are complete speculations. I saw this one being pulled into the trailer at #AlamedaNAS at an entrance to the closed airfield. The truck pulling it was a Tesla vehicle. After it was closed up I asked if I could be nosey hoping to find out what the car was but I got a quick "not on this one." As if this is far different from normal for them..."

But wait, that is not all that has popped up, here is some video (below) from of the Beta Model X testing from afar on Wednesday:

Earlier Pre-Production Design Of Tesla Model X

Earlier Pre-Production Design Of Tesla Model X

Things we note from the camo'd Tesla Model X:

  • side mirrors are back
  • unique door handle design has been retained
  • significant changes to the rear section
  • higher suspension
Anything else catch your eye?

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