It's tough to be a start-up with limited resources these days.  Especially so when it comes to plug-in transportation.

Fortunately, Lit Motors has kept up the good fight and the all electric C-1 has inched closer to production in this latest update from the company.

For those who are not familiar (or perhaps have forgot), the gyro-stabilized, enclosed two wheeler that can't be pushed over retails for about $24,000 (in theory, at some point), and has a stated range of 200 miles on 8 kWh of juice.  The Lit C-1 prototype has a top speed around 100 mph and zips to 60 mph in about six seconds.

Lit says the C-1 will fit persons up to about 6'3" and the EV has a curb weight of 800lbs.  It is of course is classed as a motorcycle, so the applicable licensing is required to drive it.

The company is currently taking deposits on the bike (as it has been since 2012), with $1,000 to secure a late production vehicle of VIN 1,000+, or $2,500 to get VIN #500-999.

  • Has progress been a little slow? Sure - just check out the video (below) from 2 years ago promoting the C-1.  Production had initially been scheduled for a small run  of C-1s in 2013, then moved to Q4 of 2014
  • Is the price starting to seem a little steeper as time passes and other plug-in prices come down?  Sure. 
  • Does Lit Motors have enough capital to bring these bikes into full production, and will there be a market for them when/if they do?  Hmmm.
Still, we wish them the best because...well, it's pretty darn cool.

Hat tip to offib!

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