That's Product Placement

That's Product Placement

Awhile back, compiled a list of 5 changes it deemed necessary for the next-generation Nissan LEAF to be successful.  Here's that list in condensed form:

1. More Normal Appearance

"From the beginning, the looks of the Nissan LEAF have been polarizing. Expect to see a new LEAF that competes on visual appeal directly against internal combustion models."

We both agree and disagree on this one.  The next-gen LEAF needs to stand out, so we don't expect it to look like Nissan's ICE vehicles.  Perhaps the next-gen LEAF will get a design that's more all-around pleasing, but we certainly don't expect it (or want it) to look like a Versa or Sentra.

2. More Range

No commentary required.  More range is coming and yes it's necessary.

3. More Advertising

Nah, Nissan does well in this category.  Once the offering (LEAF) is improved, it'll sell in higher volume without the need for even more marketing/advertising.

4. More Competition (Even Internal)

Competition does drive innovation, but Nissan will push to continue to lead the semi-affordable electric car segment regardless.  Nissan needs no motivation.  Nissan is the motivator.

5. More Noise from Fuel Cells

How will this impact the success of the next-gen LEAF? We haven't a clue. PluginCars states:

"The new level of noise will, at the least, require Nissan to direct its attention to the benefits of battery-powered vehicles as a superior alternative to all other technologies—from hybrids to hydrogen."

Hmm...still don't quite understand this argument.  It's a fact that Nissan shows interest in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, so we don't believe the automaker will attack this form of transport by pointing out the benefits of BEVs.  We hope Nissan doesn't even acknowledge FCEVs in the process of promoting BEVs.

We ask you, our readers, what are the 5 changes necessary to ensure success of the next-generation Nissan LEAF?

Source: PluginCars

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