BMW i3

BMW i3

What Car? released an interesting review of the BMW i3 and the Volkswagen e-Golf in which it's trying to find out the best EV from the user point of view in the UK.

Both cars are rated positively.  However, the vehicles are from different classes and for What Car? the e-Golf wins as more practical with 5 seats, a larger trunk and a more relaxing, quieter ride experience.

BMW i3 has stronger acceleration. However, those skinny tires makes fast driving nervous at times.


These are two of the best electric cars on sale today. The i3 continues to wow with its superb cabin, while its strong performance and real-world range also give it plenty of appeal.

The e-Golf wins, though. It might be slightly more expensive to own, but it’s considerably more practical, has a more comfortable ride, is better to drive and comes with more standard equipment. Considering all that, we think it’s just worth the extra.

1st - Volkswagen e-Golf

  • For Great to drive; well equipped; spacious inside
  • Against Ride isn’t as good as standard Golf’s; not as quick as the i3
  • Verdict The most convincing electric car yet
2nd - BMW i3
  • For Impressive performance; stunning cabin; brilliant infotainment system
  • Against Choppy ride; nervous handling; small boot
  • Verdict Hugely desirable, but the e-Golf makes more sense"

Source: What Car?

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