Number of registrations of new all-electric passenger cars in Norway – Nobember 2014

Number of registrations of new all-electric passenger cars in Norway – Nobember 2014

Searching for another pothole in electric car adoption, EagleAID found that sales in Norway stabilized, a situation that EagleAID presents negatively.

"Norway’s electric car market still stands out as the one and only European market where electric cars have attracted a serious and consistent following from all those willing to switch to what some visionaries still see as the most likely form of private individual transport in the 2040s and beyond

It may be audacious to say that a market segment that has been growing at a dizzying rate for most of this and last year may already have peaked.

But some electric car market observers now take the view that the breakneck rate of expansion seen of late in Norway’s electric car market may be about to give way to a more down to earth rate of expansion.

Today, eleven months through the current year, electric cars have already captured 12.6 per cent of Norway’s new car market.

To put this into perspective, West Europe’s electric car sales share at the ten months stage - excluding Norway - currently stands at a paltry 0.31 per cent.

That compares with 0.24 per cent during the corresponding period of last year, according to AID’s own data..."

Well, the number of all-electric cars sold is slightly lower than one year earlier, but the whole market shrunk by some 5% and market share for BEVs went up.

The other factor lowering sales could be the production break at the Tesla Factory (Model S is one of the best-selling electric cars in Norway) and then new customers waiting for announced dual motor versions (one third of all registrations in Norway are cars with AWD).

If these factors and others are in play, then we could answer that EV sales in Norway didn't peak.  Guess we'll find out in a few month's time.

Source: EagleAID

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