Continuing the practice of relaunching marquees and leaning on venerable histories of brands, machines and development, the name Bultaco was resurrected this summer.

Let's just get this out of the way.  There was no bike like the Bultaco Sherpa T in 1965 before Sammy Miller rode it to victory in the Scottish Six Days Trial, and there hasn't been anything like it since.  A rose is a rose, but does a Sherpa T by any other name run so sweet?  Or something like that.  And it was a motorcycle.  And the company closed its doors in 1983.

At any rate, they announced, on December 15th, the limited, 175-bike release of Brinco.  Why 175?  May 17th was the announcement for the re-launch, and the anniversary of the founding of the brand and the birthday of the founder, Paco Bultó.  Um, Okay.  Let's talk about the bike, shall we?  It is, please understand, a motorized bicycle.  Here's a look at the specs (click for full-sized view):

Bultaco Brinco Specs

Bultaco Brinco Specs

So, a 2000W hub motor, with 1kWh of batteries, at 33kg (72lbs). It's hardly the lightest thing out there, but that is decent power in a hub motor, if that is, in fact, the motor's power rating.

There are a lot of links to information about the Brinco, but the best (and somewhat hard to find) is the dedicated site, here:

Curmudgeonly motorcyclist purism aside for a moment, it does seem like it has decent power and might be kind of fun.  There are still 100 or so available, as of this writing, so if you're keen, then there's still time to get your order in.

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