Bjørn Supercharging in Gol, Norway.

Bjørn Supercharging in Gol, Norway.

Bjørn Nyland shows us his latest Tesla Model S P85 journey, driving a total of 1,669 miles and delivering multiple items.

As we typically see in Bjørn videos, there aren't any issues using the Model S for long-distance trips.  Supercharging makes trips like these easy, convenient and free!

Taking a road trip in an EV is no longer mission impossible.  In fact, Bjørn shows us that one can drive an electric car nearly 1,700 miles in one weekend.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it,  is to check out the video above and tell us if it removes any skepticism you may still have in relation to taking a long road trip in an EV.

Let's hear the stories of your EV road trips!

With 2014 now behind us, we've added a bonus Bjørn: compilation of the best Model S shots of 2014.  Check that out below:


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