"This D1 spec EV Prius was just demonstration run for event of Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 D1 kickoff Drift.The factory are still developing this EV Prius for D1 Grand Prix 2015 season (opening round at April)."

States the video description

This particular Prius has been converted over to rear wheel drive and pure electric.

Car Throttle went digging for some more information on this Prius and discovered the following:

The URL ‘Driftprius.com’ on the side of the car forwards to the website of Yokohama company Oz Motors, and while information on the Prius istelf seems to be lacking, it’s clear the company specialises in EV technology.

Given the lack of engine noise from the Prius in the video, and the fact that it’s rear-wheel drive, we’re assuming this Toyota runs some sort of EV conversion on the rear axle - or is merely a Prius body on top of a new chassis - and is used as a promotional vehicle. Not a bad way to spread the word…

Source: Car Throttle

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