Nissan BladeGlider

Nissan BladeGlider

There seems to be a change of direction at Nissan-Infiniti.

Gone are the flashy concepts at the auto shows.

Instead, we're seeing more and more production-intent products from Nissan-Infiniti, says Automotive News.

This wouldn't matter much to us here at InsideEVs were it not for the fact that some of those flashy concepts were plug-in cars.

Here's Automotive News' take on the situation:

Nissan and its luxury Infiniti sibling have mellowed in their message of cutting-edge future products as 2015 begins.

The change in tone signals a desire to focus more intently, at least for now, on tried-and-true volume products as Nissan and Infiniti appeal for more global market share.

That apparently means Nissan is de-emphasizing the Nissan IDx concept -- a proposed car that recalled the Datsun 510 -- and the tradition-defying electric BladeGlider concept. Infiniti's Formula One-influenced, limited-volume Q50 Eau Rouge concept was also off the table.

Much of these changes started to take place as lead electric car enthusiast Andy Palmer exited:

Two executives who have left the automaker were staunch advocates for the vehicles. In 2014, Andy Palmer, then global product planning chief, said flatly that the arrow-shaped BladeGlider would be manufactured for U.S. retail showrooms, and that it was in the automaker's business plan.

Our only concern is that it seems like Nissan-Infiniti are stepping ever-so slightly backwards from their bold electric car plans.  Let's hope this doesn't signal a lasting change in direction.

Source: Automotive News

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