According to UT San Diego, "California’s plug-in electric vehicle drivers are about to get new financial perks."

What are the "new financial perks?"  Put quite simply, it's a one-time rebate check or utility bill credit of $250 to $350.

"Members of the California Public Utilities Commission are scheduled to sign off today on guidelines for an annual credit against utility bills or a one-time vehicle rebate. The commission will let individual utilities decide which incentive to offer."

"Southern California Edison is proposing a one-time rebate of $250 to $350 per new vehicle owner."

"San Diego Gas & Electric intends to provide an annual bill credit but declined to say how much."

This incentive is expected to be finalized by late-2015

"Scott Murtishaw, energy adviser to utilities commission President Michael Peevey, said new incentives could be available in late-2015 as final utility applications are approved."

While electric cars owner will receive the financial perk, the real reason behind this new incentive program is to help utilities identify where EV owners live:

"The new incentive program is expected to help utilities manage the new demands of electric vehicles on the grid by clearly identifying the number of vehicles and where owners live as people come forward to claim the benefit."

Source: UT San Diego

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