Energica just announced its first Canadian dealership/distributor, W.C.Distributing at 200 Rutherford Ave., Heisler, Alberta.

“Energica was born with a double approach...”, says Livia Cevolini, CEO, Energica, “... an Italian one, full of 'Made in Italy' that made us known worldwide, and an American one, with an open-minded vision that allows us to create strong partnerships - like the one we have with ChargePoint.” 

This will add to its Italy, Switzerland, Germany and California dealer list, established earlier this year.

“Developing a sales network adds value to Energica”, says Livia Cevolini, “...it shows that dealers believe in our commitment. First of all we see Energica dealers as our partners: we are going to build a successful global brand with them”.

WC Distributing is an interesting choice.  Its site shows a broad array of interests and services, including being a Brammo (Polaris?) and Lightning dealership, handling three fairly unique gas bike lines (Johnny Pag MotorcyclesPagsta Motorcycles, and Williams-Bernard Motorcycles, ("Builder, Distribution, Parts and Sales") and boasting its own airport, (with rental motorcycles for hire, naturally).

“We believe in the future of the electric Motorcycle and have a real passion for them”, says Sven Bernard, W.C. Distributing owner.

Funny.  So do we!

Energica EGO in another place that might be Canada

Energica EGO in another place that might be Canada

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