Opel Ampera

Opel Ampera

With the Opel Ampera being discontinued due to weak sales, Opel is left without a plug-in vehicle at least until 2018 when an electric Opel Karl is now expected to launch.

According to Automotive News:

"Opel plans an electric version of its new Karl minicar, a German magazine reported."

"The Karl EV could go on sale by the end of 2018, Autobild said. The battery powered hatchback will have a range of approximately 150km (93 miles) on a single charge, the magazine said."

93 miles of range isn't going to cut it in 2018 when there will be several 150+ mile electric cars available, so we think Opel should reconsider.

Automotive News adds:

"No details have been released, but reports suggest the model could have a number of aerodynamic styling tweaks including a new front fascia with revised headlights."

"Opel will start deliveries of the Karl with a gasoline engine in June. The Karl, which will be badged as the Viva by sister brand Vauxhall in the UK, will replace the Agila minicar as the brand’s entry-level model."

Another reason to not build this car, or perhaps why the report is inaccurate/dated, is that the Chevrolet Bolt, which has been confirmed for production in late 2016, is also said to eventually have an Opel-variant running down the line alongside it.

Source: Automotive News

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