More Tesla drag racing.  Right?  So this is the video we've been waiting to see, filmed on the same day as the Hellcat thrashing.  There's a snippet with some details from the Drag Racing Times guys, here, where we learn the times (Race 1: P85D: 11.69 @ 115.18 MPH, E63s: 11.77 @ 120.25 MPH;  Race 2: P85D: 11.76 @ 114.89 MPH, E63s: 11.72 @ 120.76 MPH) ...and some interesting news on the Tesla:

"We’re very interested to see how the P85D performs after Tesla Motors releases additional high end power via an upcoming software update.   We’re estimating 11.4 @ 120+ MPH which should keep the Model S P85D from getting passed so easily by its competitors at highway speeds."

Do tell? Enjoy the video, and hold out for halfway through when they switch to Race 2, and the rear-facing camera on the Tesla.  (Note to photographers: Always place a rear-facing camera in a drag race.  Front facing?  Not so much.)

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