Identification for ABB multi-standard fast chargers

Identification for ABB multi-standard fast chargers

France will get 200 additional multi-standard fast chargers along major highways by the end of this year and the European Union will cover half the cost under its TEN-T program.

The project will be implemented by Electricité de France, Renault, Nissan, Institut des Sciences et Technologies de Paris – ParisTech,  Volkswagen and BMW for a total cost of €9,706,500.

Well, this is something that was missing in France, especially Combo chargers. Up to date, only a few of them were installed in France..

Besides installations, there will be two additional stages, which will provide a roadmap for the rollout of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in France and recommendations for other countries.

"The EU's TEN-T Programme will co-fund with almost €5 million a study and a pilot deployment of 200 charging points for electric vehicles on the main French highways. The project will contribute to the development of charging infrastructure and enable a wider use of electric transport in Europe.

The project will work on a set of technological, environmental and end user requirements to enable an interoperable fast charging network and foster rapid electric vehicle deployment in France.

In its pilot phase the project will deploy, test, operate and monitor 200 new interoperable and multi-standard fast charging stations along the main French highways.

The second phase will be dedicated to drafting recommendations on interoperable connections with existing charging networks in France and neighbouring countries, to ensure that the same network can be replicated across Europe.

The third phase will cover the development and validation of innovative business models supporting the deployment of a fast charging infrastructure. It will involve processing data from the pilot and benchmarking it with other European systems.

The project results will provide a roadmap for the rollout of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in France, as well as recommendations for other EU countries.

The project was selected for funding with the assistance of external experts under the TEN-T Annual Call 2013 , priority 'Decarbonisation / reduction of noise'. Its implementation will be monitored by INEA , the European Commission's Innovation and Networks Executive Agency."

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