"I explain how the different red and blue adapters work. What the difference between AC and DC charging is. The various charging speeds from 13 km/h (230V/13A) to 100 km/h (400V/32A) on AC and 600 km/h (DC superchargers). I also show the 3rd party adapters I have bought and how the extension cord work."

Bjørn Nyland's latest video is your complete go-to guide for charging your Tesla Model S (in Europe).

Because charging in Europe can be complicated and confusing, Bjørn walks us through the various options, adapters, charging speed and so on related to Model S charging in Europe.

You'll see Bjørn use these various adapters, charging stations, etc. throughout his long and informative Model S road-trip videos. This one here shows some of the adapters being used.

(Click here for the U.S. version of Model S beginner's guide to charging.)

For Model S owners in Europe, what is your most common way of charging (both at and away from home)?

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