Andromeda Interfaces EVIC launch

Andromeda Interfaces EVIC launch

In what appears to be an initial product launch, Andromeda Interfaces has announced its EVIC - Electric Vechicle Interface Controller - aimed at the EV Conversion market, electric Utility Vehicles, Industrial applications and the Golf Cart markets.

With a launch supporting the Orion BMS and Curtis controllers, they look like they're not particularly targeting any OEM sales, but that may change in the future. Hopefully, they will be selling direct, or through some sort of dealer network, and to DIY motorcycle builders too (like us).

On a motorcycle, even more than any other type of street vehicle, you really need to be able to get the information you want at a glance - often merely out of the corner of your peripheral vision.  This system looks remarkably well designed to meet that need.

There's another thing too - riding a motorcycle you really need to not be tempted to push buttons and toggle screens.  There's too much going on, and you need both hands on the controls at all times.  This is something that took many of the early electric motorcycle "players" a while to figure out - asking riders to toggle screens to get to battery capacity, range, and basic speed readouts in early models.

Check out the main product video here:

Note on availability:

"We have single units available to purchase EVIC and there are a couple of ways to purchase them. First option, you can purchase them directly from our website at our Product’s page (, click on the EVIC unit you would like to purchase, and then it will take you to another page with a list of options to choose from with an “Add to Cart” button. The second option, we can prepare an invoice for 1 unit and then you can wire transfer the funds to our bank account or send a check to our company’s address."

Additionally, units are shipping now, though availability is limited.  The company adds that it's looking to expand the supported controllers and BMS rapidly in the coming year.

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