While everyone's all a-twitter (get it?) about the video where the Tesla Model S P85D walked away from the Hellcat (Tesla Model S P85D Sets 1/4 Mile World Record, Hellcat Chokes and Smokes), Lawless Industries posted this slick video of a custom all-electric Porsche handing out a little (very quiet) whoop-butt to Tesla.  Granted, the Tesla is a production car, the Black Pearl, not so much.

Video of the first heads up run between the Tesla P85D and the Lawless sponsored Porsche 944 "Black Pearl". Tesla ran an 11.90 second 1/4 mile to Black Pearl's 10.50 ! Nice job Lowell !

No video (as yet) on the YouTubes or anywhere else, and no answer to our messages, but here's the Facebook video:

...and the car:


The "Black Pearl"

The Black Pearl is the project of the Miramar High School EV team.  Yes.  You read that right.  Under the guidance of one Mr. Lowell Simmons and a team of dedicated faculty, this team has been handing out whoop-butts since 1998, according to the website.  There's a little more on the Black Pearl's EV Album page, but here are the specs from the school's site:

944 Porsche
Motor 2 - Netgain 9" Warp Motors
Drive Train 2 Motors coupled tail shaft to input shaft via chain coupling. Motors coupled to rear Porsche transaxle via stock drive shaft and torque tube (clutchless design).
Battery Manufacturer, Model, and Voltage HTS Lithium Cells designed and configured by High Tech Systems LLC, Denver Colorado - 274 Volts total
Posted GVW, Total Vehicle Weight GVW-3430; Total weight 2450
Controller Zilla Z2K HV
Charger Manzanita Micro PFC 30
Suspension and Steering Stock Porsche
Safety Features Controller and ALL High Voltage components enclosed in waterproof electrical enclosure.
Highly reinforced battery enclosures
Multiple battery fuses
Mechanical motive voltage disconnect
Complete HTS Battery Management system
Conversion Timetable Vehicle conversion from 2005 to date. Vehicle is continually updated for performance and safety.

Check back - we'll post more info as we get it.

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