Zero CEO Richard Walker sits down with DealerNews' Beth Dolgner for a little chat, wherein he discusses the motorcycle industry,

"... it gets down to execution. You’ve got to make sure that your motorcycles are in the right places at the right times when the season opens up, and you’ve got to make sure that you don’t overbuild, because then you end up with too many left at the end of the season, which is exactly the same as the technology business." and the growth of electric motorcycles,

"I think now what’s happened is that the motorcycles have come of age and they are serious motorcycles, and so they deliver a phenomenal experience to people."

...sales and service of electric motorcycles,

Zero CEO Richard Walker

Zero CEO Richard Walker

We’ve typically seen our business grow almost 100 percent year on year. In fact, if you just take our business this year, by the end of June of this year, we’d already surpassed our 2013 revenues, so that’s another good sign, as well. "

"...generally speaking, the service of the vehicle might result in a firmware update that they have to do, but we have the ability through an app for an owner today, that if they see something that’s appeared on the dash that’s not quite right and they call us, they can send the logs directly. The phone can connect to the bike via Bluetooth and they can send the logs directly to our customer support team.

So we are providing capabilities that are a little different from what you’ll typically see on a nice bike today. I think that’s also part and parcel of the electric bike experience, that you’ve got the ability to start now to put a bike on the network and get these logs back and diagnose, and also ultimately, hopefully, it’ll get to be more of a preemptive conversation: “Oh, it looks like something’s not quite right; bring it in,” and so forth."


"Well I think that a dealer who wants to work with us has to believe that electric is part of the future..."

...and their unique relationship directly with riders.

"...generally speaking, the experience is so good, that even if people don’t buy, they’ll tell their friends, “Hey, guess what, I just rode a Zero and it was really, really good.” So that’s really what we’re trying to do."

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