Here the fleet delivered to SEPUR by Alphabet

Here the fleet delivered to SEPUR by Alphabet

In November 2013 Alphabet launched AlphaElectric, a multi-marque consultancy service for fleets considering plug-in vehicles, setting a target of some 595 orders in the first year.

Today, we found out that 738 were ordered, which is 143 (or 24%) more than the goal.

It seems that for Alphabet this is just the beginning of something larger:

"Since the launch of its EV consultancy service, AlphaElectric, in November 2013, Alphabet has seen a dramatic increase in interest from organisations looking to incorporate electric vehicles within their corporate fleets."

"Currently, more than 240 of Alphabet’s customers have at least one electric vehicle within their fleet, with key customers including West Middlesex University Hospital and Gnewt Cargo."

Jon Burdekin, head of consultancy sales at Alphabet, stated:

“The fact that we’ve exceeded our target is not only confirmation that our vision is correct and that we were right to place our full backing behind electric vehicles, but also of the value that our AlphaElectric consultancy service brings to customers.”

“There is a clear appetite among organisations for electric cars and vans, and this is only going to increase as vehicles continue to drop in price and misconceptions are dispelled.”

“As a result, in 2015 we expect to see the orders of electric vehicles continue to increase significantly.”

“There are often misguided perceptions around range anxiety and the cost of electric vehicles.”

“As consultants, it’s our job to assess and prove the suitability of electric vehicles to a range of different customers, both in terms of funding and practical requirements. That’s why we ensure we regularly analyse our customers’ fleets to ascertain if there's a requirement or opportunity to integrate EVs.”

Alphabet offers a comprehensive EV plan with cars, charging stations, and service.

Source: Fleet News

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