Largest Fast Charging Station in Norway (Source: BKK )

Largest Fast Charging Station in Norway (Source: BKK )

Norway again astonishes with its latest and largest fast charging station in Bergen that even Tesla Motors would be proud of..

The station is equipped with 14 charging spots for all three major standards - CHAdeMO, European Combo and AC Type 2.

Of those 14 spots, 6 are 50 kW CHAdeMO, 4 are 50 kW Combo, and 4 are 22 kW AC Typ 2, so everyone will be happy.

There are no multi-standard chargers it seems, as all of them are compatible with just one standard. Don't ask us why, but at such a station multi-standard units should be cheaper right? Maybe not?

The fast charger supplier is ABB, while AC spots comes from Proxll.

At peak, the station could draw up to 600 kW of power.

EV drivers must pay to charge at the station roughly $11 per half hour (there is an initial payment of some $1.30 and an additional per minute fee of $0.33).

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