Properly advertising electric cars seems especially difficult for automakers who've spent the past decades marketing only ICE automobiles.

Such is the case here with the tagline Volkswagen has chosen to apply to its e-Golf:

"One drive and you'll almost forget it's electric."

This Tagline Doesn't Sit Well With Electric Vehicle Enthusiasts

This Tagline Doesn't Sit Well With Electric Vehicle Enthusiasts

That single line has created quite a stir among the electric vehicle enthusiast community.

The typical reactionary response to VW's tagline is that forgetting it's electric is impossible.  Electric is what takes the standard Golf to a higher level.  Once you've driven electric, you never go back, so VW stating that you'll forget it's electric misses the point entirely.  Some of the reasons for going electric are greater refinement, smoothness in power delivery and an all-around more enjoyable driving experience.  You certainly don't want to forget these attributes of electric cars.

If we could modify VW's tagline, while keeping most of it still intact, how should it read?

"One drive and you'll...."

Let's give VW some assistance by completing the line above with a proper ending.

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