<em>Gizmodo</em>'s Mat Peterson's Tesla Model S (Image Credit: <a href=Gizmodo)" draggable="false">

Gizmodo's Mat Peterson's Tesla Model S (Image Credit: Gizmodo)

Gizmodo's Mat Peterson has had his Tesla Model S for ~3 weeks. During that time, he logged 3,000 km over the course of a few road trips in Australia.

Like for many people, this was Mat's first time road-tripping in an EV, but just a tiny bit of planning made the Model S road trips a success and removed any worries from the equation.  Peterson got a bit lucky in that he was able to charge overnight during his stay at hotels too.

We would like to note that there are only two Supercharging locations in Australia, as Tesla Motors is recently new to the country. More Superchargers are promised to pop up as time goes on.

As for the Model S… Mat seems to very much so enjoy it!

On one of his road trips, he spent a whopping only $6 to charge the Model S! So far, the Model S has performed flawlessly throughout the weeks of his ownership.

Mat plans on making even more trips as time goes by, but first he's gonna get it Opticoated and tint the windows.

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