Don't worry, we didn't understand a word the auctioneer said either.

All we know is that a BMW i8 went up for auction and that it ended up selling for $166,000, approximately $20,000 over its MSRP of $147,450.

Here are some specs on the i8

We must say, we were curious to find out more on this particular i8. We looked up the dealership's name (found on the license plate frame of the i8) and sure enough we found a Carfax. Take a look for yourself:

The i8 in the video above's Carfax

The i8 in the video above's Carfax

This means that there is a repeat history of it being for offered sale. Looks like it ended up going to a dealership to be up-charged even further, then onto the $166,000 seen the video above. Here is the link to where this i8 currently is, while it lasts.

It's well known that re-selling an i8 for more than MSRP is popular.  Dealerships are doing it too. It is common for them to do so, especially with a vehicle that is not a dime a dozen.

However, when it comes to a situation like this, if you're buying an i8 outside of a BMW dealership, you should find out first if it's still eligible for incentives. We suppose it doesn't matter much when it comes to the expensive i8, but it's worth a check still, right?

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