Former Tesla China President Veronica Wu (Photo via <a href=The Reserve)" draggable="false">

Former Tesla China President Veronica Wu (Photo via The Reserve)

China seems to be a place of unrest for Tesla, as the company has lost another President of operations there this week.

Enjoy Some Stock Footage Of A Tesla Model S At The Great Wall

Enjoy Some Stock Footage Of A Tesla Model S At The Great Wall

In fact, if you are an avid follower of Tesla (or a shareholder), looking to China has been the thing to do over the past 3 or 4 months as a fairly obtuse automotive reporting scene has obscured Tesla's sales there - a region the company is counting on to get it to its 11,000 Model S sales goal for the 4th quarter.

In the face of CEO Elon Musk's recent assertion that the media can't handle monthly sales reports, some journalists proven the point have taken to press suggesting Tesla is misreporting thousands of 2014 Model S sales (upwards of 4,000), many pointing to China as the only hiding place for these sales to exist...or not exist as the case may be.

This news will not help speculation of the day.

After just nine months at the company, another Tesla China President, Veronica Wu has resigned.  Tom Zhu, who had been looking after the Supercharging network development in China takes over.  Mr. Zhu has of yet made no statement as the chain of events leading to the changes at the top.

Tesla did issue a written statement however:

“We remain confident in the Chinese market.  We’ll continue to focus on providing an amazing experience to all customers, so that they can become our advocates and help us accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation.”

Ms. Wu's predecessor Kingston Chang, left the company for "personal reasons" in March after about a year on Tesla's payroll.

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