We've been at this motorcycle thing for a while now.  We've been at this electric motorcycle thing for a lot less time, but long enough to have picked up a few things, especially regarding how electric motorcycles differ from their gas forebears.  We've also tried to corrupt talked to a lot of our gas-bike brethren about exactly what makes electric bikes so, well, different.

Brammo Empulse

Brammo Empulse

Grab a rack of PBRs and a quart of chocolate chip ice cream (OK, personal memories of misspent youth triggered by the photo above...) and settle in to our Electric Motorcycle Primer "InsideEVs Style", covering lots that we feel are the basics of electric motorcycle riding, building and owning.  Here are the links:

Electric Motorcycle Primer “InsideEVs Style” – Part 1: The Ride  ...where in we talk about why we're doing this in the first place.  Because riding electric motorcycles is awesome.

Electric Motorcycle Primer “InsideEVs Style” – Part 2: The Drivetrain The bits and pieces, and how they're different, but also how they're the same as your gas bike.

Electric Motorcycle Primer “InsideEVs Style” – Part 3: Battery Care and Handling (the BMS)  How a lithium battery pack is different than any battery you've ever owned.

The Mission R powertrain

The Mission R powertrain

Electric Motorcycle Primer “InsideEVs Style” – Part 4: The Rest  ... the other funny stuff about an electric bike.

Electric Motorcycle Primer “InsideEVs Style” – Part 5: Reading the Specs   Wrapping up, using what we've learned by reading the spec sheets (and actually knowing what they mean).

Dive in and enjoy...  as always, post your questions and comments, and we'll do our best to answer them. If you have anything to add, as always, links and discussion are welcome.

...as is a PBR.  Pass the ice cream, will ya?  Got a spoon for that?

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ca. 2010, Adam Bercu at "Ted's Garage" with a different set of tools.  ©Ted Dillard, all rights reserved

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