Detroit Loves The Volt

Detroit Loves The Volt

Owner Map

This is a map marking the locations of the Volts tracked on this site. The brighter green the marker is, the better the MPG of the Volts in that zip code. Pure green is 255 MPG, any more than that doesn't affect the color.

States the description posted at the top of the Chevrolet Volt Owner Density Map.

InsideEVs regular Thomas J. Thias adds:

@ChevyVolt Owner Density Map, Google Maps-Seeded By Captured @OnStar Data Of 2% N. American Drivers!

We hadn't seen this map before, but now that were aware of it, we'll be sure to frequent it often.  If you zoom in, you'll see some area (for example, metro Detroit, home of General Motors and birthplace of Volt) are flooded with Volts, while other locations (Wyoming, South Dakota) still are nearly Volt-less.

Hat tip to Thomas J. Thias!

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