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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle vs Electric Vehicle – Energy Efficiency (source)

Audi A7 Sportback h-tron

Audi A7 Sportback h-tron

Tony Seba published an interesting article titled "Toyota vs. Tesla – Can Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicles Compete with Electric Vehicles?" with a video presentation (see below) on the general sense (sensibility?) of hydrogen fuel cell cars.

As one would expect, the answer presented by Seba is that hydrogen fuel cell cars make no sense at all.

Seba explains a little bit on how hydrogen could be produced, what efficiency we could expect and stresses that there is now no infrastructure.

Maybe the most important part is that, according to Seba, talks with automotive representatives shows that, in the best case scenario, hydrogen at stations would need to be sold for the equivalent of some $4 a gallon (ouch!).

"How do Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles compare with Electric Vehicles?

HFCVs and EVs are usually mentioned in the same 'clean' or 'zero emissions' categories. They are usually mentioned by the media as direct competitors to substitute the fossil fuel internal combustion engine transportation infrastructure.

How do HFCVs really compare with EVs? Is hydrogen really clean? Is it renewable? Do HFCVs have a chance against EVs?

This video looks at the facts to compare HFCVs and EVs."

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