Tesla Model S P85D - Image <a href=Via Reddit" draggable="false">

Tesla Model S P85D - Image Via Reddit

If you reside in the U.S., then an order placed for a dual-motor Tesla today wouldn't be delivered until February or later, but there are some lucky few individuals who are receiving their Model S P85Ds right now.

The image above shows a pair of P85Ds.  The black one belongs to Tesla, while the white P85D is one of the first set for delivery to a U.S. buyer.

Most who placed a P85D order immediately following its announcement will take delivery by the end of the month (there was a slight delay for some customers expecting their P85Ds the first week of the month as their cars were being held for quality control and EPA stickering), but just recently Tesla updated its U.S. site to reflect that it's now concentrating on fulfilling overseas orders for the P85D.  That means that U.S. residents who place a dual-motor Model S order today will have to wait until February for delivery.

Notice The Late February Delivery Date

Notice The Late February Delivery Date

And here's an image of Tesla Model S P85Ds in transit via palmer_md, who claims that he spotted 6 P85Ds on this car carrier:

Lastly, you can beat Tesla will deliver loads of P85Ds in the U.S. prior to the end of the month as the automaker seeks to meet it sales guidance.

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