Model S P85D Rides Conducted In Montreal

Model S P85D Rides Conducted In Montreal

Tesla Motors' largest North American store/service center is now open.

Located in Montreal, Canada, this stores is 45,000 square feet and includes sales and service.

According to the Montreal Gazette, "the 45,000 square foot sales and service centre on Ferrier St....replaces a much smaller location in Laval that was kind of a Band-Aid solution for the market."

Jerome Guillen, senior vice-president of global sales and service for Tesla, stated:

"We saw the customer interest increase and increase, and we were just ready to step up. I think we owed it to our customers to be able to have a location to serve them properly,” he said.

“Montreal is a very important location for us.”

“We see significant potential, especially with our new product offerings, here in Quebec and Montreal.  And we need to plan for the future. We certainly want to be able to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of cars that we anticipate having on the road in the next few years.”

Montreal Gazette adds:

"...there are only about 340 Tesla Model S sedans on Quebec roads right now — out of about 1,500 in Canada."

As for Superchargers, Guillen says that Tesla's goal is to have dozens installed in throughout Quebec, but notes that the process is time consuming:

“I wish we could go faster (in installing superchargers), but getting the permits for construction and the connection to the electricity (network) seems to be taking a little long.  But we will make sure all the main roads are covered.”

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