"We're now finally seeing electric cars on our roads - but did you know they've existed for over 100 years? Well, they did. So why didn't they become popular a lot earlier? Evidence suggests that electric vehicles were suppressed by competitive industries over the course of the 20th century…"

States the video description.

Check out this documentary video on electric vehicles. It is full of history and other information that you may find important.

Without a doubt, Big Oil is scared of electric cars. Makes sense then that Big Oil would want to suppress EVs, right?

For over 100 years, the fight continues on. Look where we are today with electric vehicles.  Can Big Oil suppress us for much longer?

If you're a conspiracy theorist, then this is one video that's perfect for you.  If you're not a conspiracy theorist, then we think you'll still be intrigued by the history of electric cars discussed throughout this video.

What's your take on the suppression and conspiracy discussed in the video?

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