BEV Registrations in Western Europe – October 2014

BEV Registrations in Western Europe – October 2014

EagleAID declares in its latest report on all-electric car sales in Western Europe, indicating that November was in reverse - compared to a year ago.

"For the first time, demand for genuine electric cars has failed to beat comparative sales for the same month last year. A renewed sign that across the European continent the all-electric cars typified by Nissan’s all-electric Leaf and BMW’s slow-selling i3 have evidently failed to hit the sweet spot with customers

Instead of strengthening, as earlier expected, underlying demand for pure battery-powered cars like Tesla’s Model S has progressively weakened during the closing months of last year."

Well, even if there are slower months, Nissan, BMW and Tesla sold more EVs this year than the previous year.

Editor'sNote: It does seem like to us that EagleAID makes a special effort to highlight and draw conclusions about negative EV adoption in those occasional months that subsections of the numbers (in this case BEVs) might support it.

For context: Overall for all of Europe through November, InsideEVs has tallied more than 88,000 plug-in sales in 2014 versus 51,000 in 2013.  A good bulk of the gains came from the Outlander PHEV that moved from 2,736 units sold in the first 11 months of 2013, versus more than 19,000 through November of 2014.  The Nissan LEAF sold about 14,000 copies (~Nov) in 2014, versus 9,800 at the same point in 2013.

The new number for us is that the market share for all-electric cars in Western Europe was 0.52% in November - almost on par with the 0.54% from a year earlier. Sadly, there are no absolute values attached to open version of the EagleAID report so we can't update our graph.

"The first fall in sales - which shows up in AID’s exclusively compiled monthly electric car sales data for November last year - comes as other anecdotal evidence points to slowing underlying demand for such cars in Europe.

November’s slight dip in sales has narrowly cut West Europe’s already tiny electric car sales share to 0.52 per cent from the 0.54 per cent recorded during November last year...more"

Source: EagleAID

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