Nissan México recently went back to some EV basics on electric cars - the torque.

Torque, which translates into the force responsible for acceleration of the vehicle, is available from zero rpm in electric motors.. Typically, maximum torque is available in a range of up to several thousand rpm, depending on the motor type (well, maybe there are some torque limits at 0 rpm so as to not damage the drivetrain with torque surge, but this is mostly imperceptible and you feel instant maximum force pushing you forward).

In the case of the internal combustion engine, even at 1,000 rpm (slightly above idle speed) there is usually only 30-40% of the torque available according to Nissan and then - when you accelerate - the curve isn't flat. So, you mask that curve with a gearbox, but still the effect is way behind the perfect motor - the electric motor.

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