eVgo Freedom Station

eVgo Freedom Station

NRG eVgo announced that it will expand its fast charging network to Atlanta where recently Nissan introduced its “No Charge to Charge” program (eVgo is included). Both companies established close cooperation as eVgo installs Nissan-branded CHAdeMO chargers and is the EZ-Charge operator.

We don't know how many Freedom Stations (CHAdeMO DC chargers, probably Combo DC chargers and L2 AC point) are planed in  the Atlanta area. However, as Atlanta is one of the largest market for EVs, the number could be relatively high.

Currently, the number of NRG eVgo fast chargers (mostly CHAdeMO) exceed 180 in the US (see map). Some of them are Nissan dealership chargers.

"Recently, according to IHS Automotive, Atlanta emerged as the second major metropolitan market for EV sales, following San Francisco. Atlanta is geographically large, meaning most people commute to work, and have a need for a sustainable, reliable charging infrastructure. The network of eVgo DC fast chargers, which are the fastest chargers available today, can charge an EV in less than 30 minutes and will be located along major thoroughfares in retail locations that are inviting and engaging to EV drivers. In addition to the fast charging network, eVgo will be providing comprehensive EV infrastructure covering workplaces, multi-family buildings, and residences in the Greater Atlanta metropolitan area."

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed stated:

“We are pleased that NRG has chosen to expand its eVgo charging network in the City of Atlanta. Establishing a robust fast-charging network is essential to even broader adoption of electric vehicle use, both here in Atlanta and across the country.”

Arun Banskota, President of NRG eVgo remarked:

“Atlanta drivers have embraced cleaner, more efficient vehicles to make their city one of the fastest growing EV markets in the country. Combining Atlanta’s enthusiasm for driving electric with the range confidence of a fast charging infrastructure will create an unbeatable combination that sets the stage for further EV adoption across the metro area and country.”

“By expanding to new markets, eVgo is building upon and furthering its commitment to support all EV drivers wherever and however they choose to charge. We believe EV drivers deserve fast, reliable, and affordable charging options and we’re proud to work to bring these innovative solutions to Atlanta EV drivers.”

Pat Hoban, Owner of Capitol City Nissan in Atlanta commented:

“As one of the market leading sellers of the 100% electric Nissan LEAF, I’ve experienced firsthand the real demand for electric vehicles in Atlanta. I am pleased that NRG eVgo is bringing reliable, convenient EV fast charging to our market."

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