E-Motion's Tesla Model S'. Via Twitter.

E-Motion's Tesla Model S'. Via Twitter.

E-Motion Chauffeurs and Hires is adding 6 more Tesla Model S EVs to its fleet to keep up with the very high demand, which crashed their website server before...

E-Motion CEO, Abdullah Illahi stated:

“We are completely booked and I’ve been looking for other Tesla owners to try to cover some of our overflows.”

E-Motion is a perfect alternative to obtain a Model S if you cannot afford one straight up. If you unfamiliar with E-motion or need a refresher, then click here for lots of information/details).

These new Model S sedan will have the latest features such as the Dual-Motor AWD and likely the Tech Package with  lane departure warning, speed limit warning, and Autopilot. It is claimed that eventually there will be Model X added to that fleet as well.

Did you know that E-Motion operates the largest Model S fleet available in the Chicago area?

E-Motion's Model S EVs. Via Twitter.

E-Motion's Model S EVs. Via Twitter.

After the delivery of these new Model S EVs, E-Motion will be looking to expand, likely into New York first. Per Illahi:

“We’ve gotten a lot of regulars from New York. They love Teslas and would love to see us take our business to Wall Street.”

Have you used E-Motion's Model S EVs for rental or chauffeur services before?

E-Motion Chauffers and Hires' Website, Twitter, & Facebook page.

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