Good friend of InsideEVs, and owner of EV West (of which one might recall from their recent DIY Electric 818 project) Michael Bream (of cutting open a lithium battery with a table saw fame) has started a new monthly EV show for "anyone who wants to build an electric car" - as that is EV West's forte.

The discussion and atmosphere is pretty informal as Michael and uber intern Eric Hutchison go through what's new in EV DIY.

Fair warning:  If your thing is plunking down a $100,000 check for a Tesla Model S P85D, and the extent of your interest in EV technology ends there, this is probably not for you.

But if you want to see Tesla 18650 cells (or rather described as a "very popular electric car company" in the show) repurposed into a 3 kWh battery module then this probably your cup of tea.  (at the 10:40 mark)

More information on DIY components and projects can be found at EV West

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