When it comes to paying for fuel, we know it can be pricey. So imagine our driver’s reactions when we covertly took over a petrol station and only charged them £2.80 - the amount for a full charge of a Kia Soul EV.

Watch what happened when we charged ordinary drivers extraordinary prices for their fuel.

For just £2.80*, a full charge of the Kia Soul Electric Vehicle can take you a long way, up to 132* miles in fact. But what can your car do for the same cost?

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That's the description attached to this Kia Soul EV commercial, which sure has a familiar feel to it.

Remember when Nissan had its LEAF gas station takeover, complete with free fuel?

And wasn't it a Vauxhall Ampera or Chevy Volt that starred in a similar commercial where drivers were charged a minimal amount for fuel in the UK?



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