Kia Soul EV

Kia Soul EV

The Fully Charged series is back after a longer break with a Kia Soul EV review.

After a short spin and then 350 miles of test driving, Robert Llewellyn seems very pleased with the Soul EV's smooth and very quiet ride.

Realistic winter range at speeds of 70 mph is valuated at some 90 miles, which indicates that in the summer range should be much higher.

Here is video with a lot of interesting impressions and observations.

"A 350 mile test drive in the all new Kia Soul EV."

"Kia claim that their battery density of 200 watt hours per kilogram is the highest of any electric car on the road."

"It has an 81.4 kilowatt motor producing 285 Newton meters of torque. Oh yes, and it's very nice to drive."

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