Tiny Mahindra Reva Electric e2o

Tiny Mahindra Reva Electric e2o

Finally, Mahindra has announced plans for its next electric car.

Unlike the tiny Mahindra e20, this electric car is sized right.

Mahindra says that an electric version of its compact Verito will go on sale in mid-2015.  It'll mostly be sold to taxi companies and commercial fleets

Pawan Goenka, executive director of Mahindra, states:

“We are hopeful of it doing well in the categories.”

“Ideally, we look to sell around 100 units a month."

Hindu Business Online states:

"The diesel variant of Verito has not fared well in the market so far."

So, let's hope that by going electric, Verito becomes a success.

Source: Hindu Business Online

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