The latest infographic from Electric Drive Transportation Association indicates that sales of electric cars in the US amounted to 9,785 in November, which is almost exactly the same as the 9,535 in our own report card.

Editor’s Note: EDTA’s September (and YTD) estimates are typically slightly different than InsideEVs, as most publications don’t allow for the monthly variance in Tesla’s US deliveries; but should still even out to be fairly accurate overall in the upcoming months.

9,785 represents growth of 11% year-over-year, while the YTD number of 107,487 is up 24%.

Sales of BEVs stand at 6,176, so significantly higher than the 3,609 plug-in hybrids sold in November.

EDTA Sales Infographic – November 2014

EDTA Sales Infographic – November 2014

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